Second chances: DW Bistro’s opening symbolic of the Gramercy’s newfound momentum

Las Vegas Sun – Vegas INC

Hands joined in prayer, Bryce Krausman and Dalton Wilson sat in a car across Russell Road from the ManhattanWest project in 2006 and hoped their future waited inside the ambitious new mixed-use development.

Their DW Bistro instead would land a mile away in a turnkey spot tucked in a Fort Apache Road strip mall. The restaurant thrived while ManhattanWest stalled after losing funding in 2009, decaying into a steel eyesore symbolic of the recession.

Two years ago, though, Ofir Hagay and business partners Michael Werner and Benjy Garfinkle dropped in for lunch after buying the bones of ManhattanWest for $20 million. They insisted that the cozy eatery described by Wilson and Krausman as “Jamaican meets New Mexican cuisine” move as a retail anchor to what is now known as the Gramercy. Wilson immediately texted Krausman; their dream space might finally be ready just as their current lease expired.